A horror dream just like in the movies

Thu 10 July 2014 tags: dream

I had a dream set in a world of Fallout 2. Me and my party were scavenging a cave with a dead body. My party started leaving the cave but I went to check out one other corner as well.

Turns out, there was a button that opened a hidden wall. I went in but there was nothing. Now, there must have been some little light in the cave as suddenly everything went dark.


Then I saw a light like from a flash light and someone slowly coming in. I pulled my own flash light, turned off, and aimed it at the entrance and waited for someone to appear to blind them.

So I did and there appeared an old man with glasses. He was dazzled for a second, then continued to just come in, slowly. He didn't pay attention to me like I couldn't harm him in any way. I put my hand with the light down and kinda froze at place as I recognized it's Morgan Freeman.

He slowly sat down next to me, pulled out a hand rollen cigarette that looked just as old and tired as him and finally spoke, slowly "I came here to tell you something.". "Most players will meet an UCLA graduate here but 10% will get a celebrity.".

"Wow, but you are both, right?" I stuttered [1]. He just raised his eyebrow and started leaving. I was just sitting there, thinking what the fuck just happened. As he was almost out of my little cave in a cave, he turned around. Slowly raised his hand with finger pointed at me and then suddenly said "PREPARE" in the voice of quake 3 arena or xonotic when a game is starting and disappeared.

Then I woke up scared shitless.

[1]I think it should have been true in the dream but the brain didn't know which school Morgan Freeman went to so it just filled in the first thing it could find.

Real Steel. Real Frustration.

I'm gonna take this step by step, so this is basicly one big spoiler.

First we can see that Jackman gets into a fight against a bull and while I'm no expert on bulls I guess it's not a complete nonsense considering the bull is double the Ambushes weight. We don't hear the number for Ambush but we know it's about half a metric ton for Atom. By the way, it's also about the weight of one testicle of largest whales, at least according to this article.

However, I think bulls are used to fight other meaty things with their horns, not rock hard steel boxes by ramming them harder. So yeah, I think the bull would get flattened by that hit in the head.

So while I'm thinking this is absurd, Jackman let's the bull rip Ambush apart by being a moron with ADHD and not paying attention.

Then Jackman gets lucky, goes and buys the Noisy Boy. A repaired fighting robot. And then tests it without any precaution whatsoever, standing just a few meters away. And then he goes and trashes it too by making a stupid cocky decision without any training with the new bot and new interface.

And the interface. Oh boy the voice interface. Why would you use that? Isn't that obviously slower and less versatile than the remote control? But oh well, besides the shadowing, the whole control thing is totaly unbeliavable but I can give that the benefit of the doubt.

Now this is the part where we can see that Jackam seems to think that only the tool makes the craftsman while Max seems to understand that altough the tools are important, it's more about the craftsman than the tool.

The Max manages to get himself a robot but first he needs to be rescued from certain death by Jackman pulling him up by his hands from a robot arm Max hangs on. In heavy rain. Covered in mud. Yeah, I'm sure he wouldn't just slip out of this grasp and died in the fall.

Anyway, Max decides he wants that robot but Jackman fucks him over and he still gets that robot. How does an eleven years old boy get a thousand pounds heavy robot out of a muddy ditch in a scrap yard all by himself?

Anyway, he gets it and wins his first match. So at this point I'm thinking that while Jackman is the poster boy, the main character is really Max and I'm starting to think I might actually enjoy this movie.

However, it turns out this was Max's first and only match to fight as Jackman gets the control for the rest of the movie. And this is very frustrating not that only he controls the robot, but also gets into discussions with Max during the fights. Should he, I don't know, maybe rather focus on the fight? And mainly, who's the main character now? And how come Jackman is suddenly not such a moron anymore? I'm confused.

Then it turns out Jackman have been an actual boxer before and even pretty good one. He just needed a little boy to tell him he should use the same techniques with the robot fighting. Which would have been his first instinct to do when starting with the robot fighting. That's where the whole story logic gets flushed down the toilet.

Then we get the numerous parts where seemingly dead robot is able to fight again after some magical talking to by Max. That's one annoying cliché.

And in the final fight we can see Jackman can actually have some patience and see that Zeus is "tired" though I haven't noticed such clues but I could have if I knew anything about boxing but even then I'd probably think it weird since these are robots which just don't "look tired". Anyway, Jackman's patience is strange since Jackman seems to be rather trigger happy in his decision making at the start of the movie.

What is worst is that it could have been a pretty good underdog movie but it's just confusing.

Notable cfengine 3.4 to 3.5.3 changelog entries

Sun 27 April 2014 tags:

I compiled some ChangeLog excerpts from cfengine 3.4.0 up to 3.5.3 for myself and some intersting stuff is there so I figured I could share the notable entries as well.

3.5.2 and 3.5.3 is omitted since it doesn't contain anything especialy interesting.


behavior changes

  • depends_on now works for ordering promises. ∴ verify current use of depends_on will not cause regressions.

new features

  • methods now return values

    Methods promises now return the status of promises kept within them. If any promise was not kept, the method is not kept, else if any promise is repaired, the method was repaired else it was kept.

  • namespaces

  • default arguments for bundles

  • meta promises (info about the bundle for the outside, like version)


  • numerous memory leaks


behavior changes

  • when copying files, use same file mode as source file, rather than 0600



  • nested array expansion (Redmine #1998, Mantis #1128)



  • cf-agent option --policy-server removed, changes to option to --bootstrap
  • Version info removed from mail subject in the emails sent by cf-execd.

new features

  • many list manipulation functions

  • cf-key options --print-digest and --trust-key should make it a lot easier to work with keys

  • scope definition for body classes (bundle/namespace) and class promises

    note: this used to define classes globaly [1] Now, when the scope is missing or set to namespace, it's accessible inside the global scope but not inside an actuall namespace. So this is not exactly a regression.

    You can find my test cases for this in my code-snippets repo

  • Error messages from parser now show the context of error
  • execresult(), returnszero() and commands promises no longer requires the first word word to be an absolute path when using the shell. (Part of Redmine #2143)
  • reports promises are now allowed in any context (Redmine #2005)


  • Fixed error message when deleting nonexistent files. (Redmine #2448)



  • the CFEngine Standard Library in masterfiles/libraries is now split into promise-type specific policy files, and lives in a version-specific directory. This should have no impact on current code, but allows more granular include of needed stdlib elements (Redmine #3044)

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