Going offline

I went offline from social media (mainly twitter, facebook and irc) two days ago because reasons and I'm starting to notice funny things.

Firstly, I haven't destroyed any of my accounts and I still have access there if I figure I'd like to look there again for any reason.

But I'm noticing that almost all of my ideas and thoughts are formulated in the form of a tweet. It usually goes like

  1. Seed of a thought pops out
  2. Thought is developed into self-contained and complete information
  3. Information goes through several revisions to make it into a tweet - as short as possible without losing information and funny.
  4. I think "Ooh shiny, this is a nice tweet" often followed by "but I can't tweet this because reasons".

Now this process is not new. What is new is the realization that all ideas start in this way and lot of them end in it as well. Anyway, the implication is that now I can describe my mental throughput in number of tweets per unit of time. I guesstimate it's about 5 tweets per hour and they usually come in in bursts.

It even gets a little annoying since the stimulus from social media is gone, making me more sensitive to what is going on in my inner world. So I notice there is a lot of repetition as lot of things need taking further action but ideas come in faster than they can be resolved - fixed and things that annoyed me yesterday are likely to annoy me today as well.

dry-run is bad design

I've seen --dry-run to be used and it gets on my nerves as it often horribly degenerates into doing weird things. Being badly documented as it can be used with different options/subcommands in different ways and sometimes it gets into commands where it just can not work as it's fundamentally impossible to generate the whole effects pipeline without executing at least part of it.

I have come to conclusion that --dry-run is Application Interface Smell. It may seem like a good idea at first to just add dry run but it is completely meaningless without context. At first, you have the context. But as your application grows the context vanishes.

There is a program flaggie for gentoo which helps you manipulate use flags and keywords and stuff. It has no dry-run and it has the following interface:

flaggie [<options>] [<global-actions>] [<packages> <actions>] [...]

      --drop-unmatched-flags  Drop flags which are not found in package's
                              IUSE, KEYWORDS and/or LICENSE variables

I have not used this option yet so I don't know what it does for sure but I presume it just deletes the matched entries in your /etc/portage/package.use.

You might be tempted to add --dry-run to just show what it is going to delete. Instead, I want you to consider your application interface design. Why not …:

flaggie unmatched-flags drop
flaggie unmatched-flags show

A horror dream just like in the movies

Thu 10 July 2014 tags: dream

I had a dream set in a world of Fallout 2. Me and my party were scavenging a cave with a dead body. My party started leaving the cave but I went to check out one other corner as well.

Turns out, there was a button that opened a hidden wall. I went in but there was nothing. Now, there must have been some little light in the cave as suddenly everything went dark.


Then I saw a light like from a flash light and someone slowly coming in. I pulled my own flash light, turned off, and aimed it at the entrance and waited for someone to appear to blind them.

So I did and there appeared an old man with glasses. He was dazzled for a second, then continued to just come in, slowly. He didn't pay attention to me like I couldn't harm him in any way. I put my hand with the light down and kinda froze at place as I recognized it's Morgan Freeman.

He slowly sat down next to me, pulled out a hand rollen cigarette that looked just as old and tired as him and finally spoke, slowly "I came here to tell you something.". "Most players will meet an UCLA graduate here but 10% will get a celebrity.".

"Wow, but you are both, right?" I stuttered [1]. He just raised his eyebrow and started leaving. I was just sitting there, thinking what the fuck just happened. As he was almost out of my little cave in a cave, he turned around. Slowly raised his hand with finger pointed at me and then suddenly said "PREPARE" in the voice of quake 3 arena or xonotic when a game is starting and disappeared.

Then I woke up scared shitless.

[1]I think it should have been true in the dream but the brain didn't know which school Morgan Freeman went to so it just filled in the first thing it could find.

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